RICE COOKERS | JRC-220 A 2.2L | 900 W

Model : JRC-220 A 2.2L

The new USHA Multi Cooker is made for fast

easy and healthy cooking. The 2.2 litre (L)

900 W pot has a good capacity. It can cook 1 kg of rice in one go. But that's not all. The Multi Cooker does so much more. Steam



warm and cook with just one button. Even heat through the in-built thermostat and heating plate makes food taste perfect every time. A two-stage thermal safety mechanism silently stands guard over your food

preventing your food from being over-cooked. Boldly put your Multi Cooker through a multi-course meal right from breakfast favourites like upma and poha to flavoured vegetables

curries and biryanis. Halwa turns out well

as does khichdi—a humble comfort food. Reheat food or keep it warm. The USHA Multi Cooker simplifies cooking with consistent results and astonishing versatility. It can make anyone into a cook.


Rs 5,590.00